Stand Up For Yourself Girl, Men of Quality Support Gender Equality Anyway

Originally posted on Asaase Yaa Mma:
Alif Laam Meem Muslim Fraternity Let no man convince you that you will only be deserving of love after you have stifled your soul to cower under his big boot.  I mean this sincerely and earnestly when I say: you are beyond foolish if you sacrifice self-sufficient, dignified personhood…

Africa is Open For Business, Meet The Author: Victor Kgomoeswana

Victor Kgomoeswana is a reputable businessman, as the Executive in Business Development at Pretoria Portland Cement Company (PPC) where his role is to find investments and opportunities for PPC. He has also been presenting a weekly Africa Business Report on Talk Radio 702’s Africa Business Report. His latest accomplishment is the writing and publication of… More Africa is Open For Business, Meet The Author: Victor Kgomoeswana

Managing Your Stress

The modern day woman is always on the go and whether you are a fulltime mother or career women, there is definitely stress. From looking after children or a husband to cooking, cleaning, shopping, cleaning and office work. Society has always viewed women as the caretakers, today however, women have both a career and family… More Managing Your Stress

Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is a general term for numerous disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying. This affects the way that we feel and behave and can manifest in physical symptoms. If you suffer from anxiety for extended periods of time and it become debilitating and impacts your daily life then you may need to seek… More Coping with Anxiety