Nigeria to Criminalise Gay Marriage

Nigeria has a long history of discriminating against LGBT, the country is evenly divided between Christians and Muslims hence their open stance against homosexuality. In Northern Nigeria where the Islāmic Shariah law is heavily enforced, gays and lesbians are stoned to death. Nigeria has decided to criminalize gay marriage, the Senate voted on Tuesday to criminalize gay marriage, the bill will first go to Nigeria’s House of Representatives where the House will need to approve it before it is sent to President Goodluck Jonathan for his signature and becomes law.

This violation of Human Rights and oppression only needs two steps before it makes gay marriage a crime, a crime for which couples who marry would be facing 14 years in jail. To add insult to injury anybody who helps these couples get married would be an accessory and apparently that will carry a sentence of 10 years.

This Bill is threatening to make legal something that is a blatant Human Rights violation in my opinion, everybody should have equal civil rights and human rights across the board and that includes the right to marry. We as a global community have to stop the thinking that accompanies such hatred against a specific group of people due to their sexual orientation. In the world that we live in now it should not be okay to discriminate against anyone; it is as if we have learned nothing from the Holocaust, Slavery and the Civil Rights movement.  We need to stand together and protect each other’s basic Human Rights because when we allow a country to discriminate against one group of people we are saying we accept discriminatory behaviour. It started with the Jews and the Blacks and now it’s the Gays, just think for a moment where this could be headed if we don’t put an end to discrimination and hate against others.

We need to move forward and part of that should be learning from our past mistakes as a human race. We repeat the same destructive behaviour time and time again.

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